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Export, Import and Manufacturing Industry.

Dirac ERP offer very extensive solution for Export, import and manufacturing industry. It will give you a single solution for all your operational issues.

Import and export operations are important to any business. Timely delivery of items plays an important role in every industry. This increases the company's credibility. Imports and exports involves complex processes and activities. This includes collecting items, transporting them, loading them onto ships or cargo, and delivering them on time. ERP software for import and export handles all these processes and activities.

Import and export includes not only the delivery of finished products, but also the procurement of raw materials and transportation to the processing industry. This helps you perform all your activities and saves all your information automatically.ERP provides absolute solutions to the impoert and export industry.

Import and export operations are jointly carried out with authorized trading companies or manufacturing companies. In this process, raw material is issued in large quantities to production for assembly of components, so we face huge inventory management problems, such as different components, inventory in multiple locations. This creates inventory conflicts and problems with tracking actual inventory. Problems in creating and managing export invoices, packing lists, etc.

We support import-export-oriented companies with accurate inventory issuance, manufacturing order management, production progress reporting, packing and shipping.

DiracERP gives solutions to the following problems:

  1. Issuing inventory levels and identifying and managing unfinished goods.
  2. Manage incomplete or finished goods with serial numbers and product traceability.
  3. Finished product report with accurate cost.
  4. Transfer of materials from stores based on material request form and approval.
  5. Manage the subcontracting process, its costs and payments.
  6. It helps you manage your daily, weekly or monthly production schedule and get all your raw materials at once.
  7. Generate a packing list and assign it to a customer's open sales orders.
  8. Manages taxes as per country requirements
  9. Conduct multi-currency transactions with exporters.
  10. Manage transactions for multiple companies and multiple branches from one place

Export, Import and Manufacturing Industry.
The ERP export module is large and bloated. ERP software is used to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many business activities, including but not limited to product planning, manufacturing or service provision, marketing and sales, and inventory management.

DiracERP Solutions’s import and export documentation and compliance software is designed to help you prepare your export documentation and comply with export regulations. It's a highly streamlined application intuitively designed to speed up paperwork and improve accuracy.

ERP for Export Industry is a ERP based software that allows users to easily analyse future inventory. Highly functional in terms of customer expectations and vendor offering requirements together. Almost all importers and exporters face commodity control problems.

To get rid of these problems, DiracERP comes with a upgraded solution which perfectly fits for all your import and export business needs.

Essentially, ERP solutions used by businesses are holistic, functionally dependent on all financial processes such as redundant data entry, and cost estimating of goods purchased or shipped. Integrates seamlessly with most financial management applications. Managing procurement, warehousing and distribution activities is a very demanding task and requires well-developed, robust and flexible system software. It also has the excellent property of handling documents and license management, which can take the form of shipping documents, packing lists, goods exchange or import-export invoices.

Likewise, DiracERP software is also designed for manufacturing industry also that helps manufacturers plan, manage, monitor and execute critical business functions. A modern integrated ERP system for manufacturing industry offers many valuable operational and financial benefits. The most notable benefits of ERP for manufacturing companies are:

  1. Minimize redundancies and automate processes to increase efficiency
  2. Optimizing production processes for increased productivity
  3. Improved supply chain, warehousing, transportation, and inventory management
  4. Reduce risk and increase confidence in compliance provide better service to customers
  5. Consolidate departments and compare metrics across your organization
  6. Eliminates the need for multiple systems that do not communicate with each other
  7. Collect real-time reports of your operations for immediate access
  8. Gain the ability to adapt to changes and disruptions in the business environment.

In general, DiracERP’s manufacturing ERP system streamline operations and provide support that helps manufacturers to grow their industry and increase sales while improving quality. Also imparting superior capability for production and distribution needs. Manufacturing ERP software integrates core business processes with manufacturing processes, allowing full visibility and control over a manufacturing business.

What Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP is an acronym that denotes enterprise resource planning (ERP). It’s an erp software that is no longer “nice to have” but a strategic imperative to shape the journey of business towards success.

The best ERP software streamlines business processes and integrates vital business functions such as supply chain, production planning, inventory planning, sales management, manufacturing and distribution, and human resources activities.

Once you compile information at the central database, you can gain cross-departmental visibility to make root-cause analysis, discover potential opportunities and loopholes and gain massive gains. This translates into an agile business environment that runs smartly as people spend less time making actionable decisions.

The Business Value of ERP

One of the most effective ways to add value is to invest in IT systems that bring all aspects of your business together under one roof. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications can turn disorganized companies into lean, sustainable market leaders that deliver added value to customers, employees, and owners alike.

ERP is basically a set of different applications ranging from accounting to manufacturing, warehouse management, human resources, and customer relationship management. With good implementation, you can .unify each department and make sure everyone works together. In this way, companies can increase their efficiency and therefore create added value

  • HR Activities & Payroll Management
  • Product Development.
  • Sample Analysis & Pre-Costing .
  • Fair Management.
  • Photo-offers & Proforma Invoice.
  • Buyer order Management.
  • Production Planning & Inventory Control ( Time & Action Plan).
  • Purchase ( Vendor Order Management ).
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Contractor's Bills & Settlement.
  • Packing List & Invoice Documents.
  • Post Shipment Document tracking .
  • Accounting & Fund Forecasting.
  • Business Intelligence Tool for the Analysis.

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